About Littleborough Business Centre

aboutLittleborough Business Centre was created by two local successful business women who realised as their own very successful accountancy firm was growing, that there was a shortage of additional office facilities in the Littleborough area. When talking to other business owners both in the Littleborough area and further afield, they fast became aware that they were not alone in the need for convenient training facilities, the occasional meeting room and somewhere to work undisturbed.

From this the Littleborough Business centre was formed, a straight forward centre providing comfortable, functional facilities for anyone who needs to work either on their own, with colleagues, hold meetings or arrange larger training or sales conferences.

The Littleborough Business centre is becoming a hub for business, not only providing convenience, but also a natural network of like minded businesses that are able to work together, help each other and ultimately develop their businesses through the contacts they make as part of the centres community.

If you feel this is something that would work well for your business please contact us on 01706 373313 or email info@littleboroughbusinesscentre.co.uk


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